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Simply Strippers - FUN FACTS

Recent studies into the lives of strippers has come up with some interesting figures, or statistics, so to speak — concluding, for example, that about one in four are college graduates. That's just one of several recent research claims about those who take their clothes off for a living. Here's a few of our favorites:

Strippers Made The Bikini Possible

Imagine for a second that you are at the beach. It's a gorgeous day, your belly is filled with delicious rum and you decide to check out the scenery. You look at the girls frolicking in the sand and notice that they are all wearing insane one piece bathing suits from the 50's. Okay, try if you can to pull your mind out of that terrifying place. You back? Now go thank a stripper. Master bro Louis Reard invented the bikini, but not a single woman in 1946 would model it for him due to the swimwear's deliciously revealing nature… so he hired a stripper to do it! Thanks stripper from 1946 who probably had an insane bush poppin outta the bottom of that thing.

The first TOPLESS dance in America occurred on June 19, 1964

…At the Condor Night Club in San Francisco.
…The first BOTTOMLESS dance occurred 5 years later at the same club.
…Pole dancing was not introduced until 1968.

Sweden is being shortchanged by strippers.

The Swedish government is cracking down on online strippers for failing to reveal their assets. Internet stripteases are legal in Sweden, and the government says that strippers may be dodging up to $5 million in taxes. "The bottom line" here, says Andrew Swift at Foreign Policy, is that "the Swedish tax authority has apparently never heard of the phrase 'not safe for work.'"

There are more than nine female strippers for every one male stripper.

The industry checks in around 92% female, 8% male. Essentially the opposite ratio of Google+.

Stripper Ovulation Makes Us Go Crazy

Erections are mysterious. They, like God–work in mysterious ways. I just got a boner the other day from seeing my savings on the receipt at the grocery store. Yes, few men will ever discover all the secrets their junk holds deep. Here's another mind boggling fact about a chub… ovulation makes us open our wallets. A study shows that strippers make waaay more money when they are ovulating. Damn, girl those eggs is driving me wild!

They Make How Much?

The average stripper makes $379 per shift, and averages between three and five shifts per week. To do the math there, that means an average of $1,137 and $1,895 a week . . . or $59,124 to $98,540 a year before taxes and expenses.

Canada has a stripper shortage

So few Canadian girls are willing to strip that Ontario strip-club owners were forced to hire legal consultants in 2008 to find a way for get foreigners to staff their clubs. Until 2004, the Canadian authorities would give foreign women visas allowing them to strip in the country — but a crackdown prompted a widespread stripper shortage that continues to this day. "The government's putting a real squeeze on the industry," said Tim Lambrinos, of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada. "It really is affecting our ability to find dancers."

Most strippers have a day job.

While 40.2% of strippers do it as their only job, the rest have a day job, too. And the most common one is . . . EDUCATION, at 14.2%. That’s right . . . one in seven strippers are TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN.

One in five female strippers has dated a customer.

As have three-in-four male strippers… The most surprising part of that? Three-fourths of male strippers have found a woman willing to date them after seeing them hairlessly dance around in a shimmering gold banana thong-hammock.

The median stripper age is 24.

• 7 out of 10 are Caucasian.
• 9 out of 10 will be ASSAULTED at least once while working.
• 9 out of 10 are students or single mothers.

There are over 5,000 strip clubs in America.

Americans spend MORE on strip clubs than on theatre, opera, ballet, jazz and classical concerts combined.

Approximately one out of ten strippers is married.

And only 13.5 percent have kids. And yet... somehow the one you get a lap dance from always falls within percentage, and always wants to tell you about 'em.

No way!!!

Even though every time you get a lap dance it seems like the stripper talks about her kids, only 13.5% of strippers have children.

89% were raised in a religious home & 91% are still close with their parents.

So religion isn't a magical anti-stripping elixir. If you really want to keep your kid from becoming a stripper, the only guaranteed solution I can think of is to follow the Mr. Belding Buddy Bands axiom and make it uncool... by becoming a stripper yourself. So get on out there and dance.

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